The Association

The National Association “Women of Marble”, founded in Verona October 6, 2006, includes “Women” who work in the field of marble and related technologies, who have been working in the sector for at least three years.

The role of women in the field is varied and complex, featuring different times of the cycle of production, use and conservation. The innovative aspect of the national association is its privileged point of view that summarizes the different skills of women that work in the natural stone sector : historic quarries owners, architects, designers and artists, but also geologists, journalists, photographers, chief of associations and trade fair managers who promise to make marble an experience made of geography, history, material culture and local culture, tradition but also emotion.

The purpose of the association is to expand and promote the knowledge of Italian marble quality, through contact between people, organizations, associations and through cultural events, conferences and debates where results of professional experiences and associations, with particular reference to women are brought.
The association aims to represent a particular aspect of the natural stone industry characterized by a female sensitivity and tendency to communication, as well as meeting the needs of more attentive and informed consumers in the world.

To achieve its objectives, the Association will promote various cultural activities: conferences, lectures, debates, seminars, films and documents, training courses theoretical / practical for the operators of the sector; publishing activities and creation of multimedia products, newsletters, publication of proceedings of conferences, seminars and studies and carried out researches.

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